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April 05, 2017
On Easter Sunday every year, Florence celebrates the religious holiday in a very special way. The Scoppio del Carro, or the "Explosion of the Cart", dates back over 350 years. An elaborate wagon built in 1622 and standing two to three stories high is pulled by a pair of oxen decorated in garlands through the streets of Florence to the square between the Baptistry and Cathedral. This tradition finds its origins in events that are partly historic and partly legendary. A young Florentine named... Read more
March 14, 2017
The exhibition showcases a host of outstanding examples of bronze sculpture to tell the story of the spectacular artistic developments of the Hellenistic era (4th to 1st centuries BCE), when new forms of expression began to prevail throughout the Mediterranean basin and beyond. The exhibition hosts some of the most important masterpieces of the ancient world from many of the world’s leading archaeological museums including the British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New... Read more
February 10, 2017
The Galleria degli Uffizi opens the Florence 2015 “Art for a Year” exhibition season with the first monographic exhibition ever devoted to Gerrit van Honthorst, a Caravaggesque painter from Holland better known to the Italian public by the nickname of Gherardo delle Notti on account of his propensity for painting nocturnal scenes whose atmospheric rendering of light was generated by the intense glow of candles and the contrasting shadows they cast. The painter’s time in Italy proved to... Read more
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