Student and graduate work is directly affected by the philosophy, teaching methodology, and physical structure of the studio in which it is created. Ramiro Sanchez, the Director of the FAA's Advanced Painting Program, says the following about building a student's skill base: "As individuals are challenged to push their technical ability beyond their perceived capacity, they develop strength of character and the confidence necessary to become a professional painter. This helps create a state of mind in which they are certain of their choices. Our graduates will never stand in front of a blank canvas and feel lost. They will always be able to return to the method. They will never say "How am I going to do this?" but will rather concentrate on what they want to say, and follow their inspiration."

A teaching method that combine artistic research, technical skills, contemporary design. All the programmes are conceived and structured in such a way as to guarantee all the students a preparation suited to their requirements, with many hours of practical lessons held by qualified teachers (craftsmen, artists, designers and professionals). The School benefits the collaboration of over 15 permanent teachers, who are supported by other Italian and foreign professionals, artists and designers for conferences and workshops.

The Italian language school ISTITUTO EUROPEO, situated in the heart of Florence on the corner of Via Tornabuoni, one of the city's most beautiful and famous streets, has specialized for several years in teaching the Italian language, art, music and culture to students from all over the world. The Istituto Europeo is the best place to study abroad in Florence. The teaching method of the Italian language course, based on the most innovative concepts of language instruction, gives students the opportunity to live the language on all levels and learn its spoken and written usage. Attention is placed both on the correct use of grammar and syntax as well as on the use of everyday language. A wide array of teaching materials and audiovisual aids are available to the students and are constantly updated, to better foster this purpose.

The Florence School provide the highest international standard of art and humanities education that reflects the US pedagogical paradigm while taking full advantage of Florence, offering extraordinary educational, cultural, and professional opportunities for students. It was shaped by artists as an innovative studio arts and Italian culture program bringing forth new ideas and different approaches to living and learning in Florence, Italy. The FSFA is a unique place where students can become more conscious of themselves and of the cultural reality surrounding them according to their personal ways of observation and communication. It educates and encourages students who will become working artists of significance in local and global culture.

All Italian language lessons in Florence with the EUROPASS team are based on modern and innovative methodological principles that encourage immediate communication with ease and security, in real life situations. At all levels and in all Italian language lessons, the work is shared equally between the four basic skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).